February 2012

        February was all about fun, and by fun I mean PARTIES!  We have so much to work with between Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day.  See why this month rocked, and don't forget to watch our very special Valentine inspired instructional yo-yo video.

        This year we expanded our Mardi Gras celebration with the above cooking project, Jambalaya.  This dish is similar to our beloved gumbo, but it is a bit thicker and served over rice.  Needless to say it was a hit.  For our actual Fat Tuesday party, we served up helpings of Claire's famous Gumbo (this year I got to help!) and excepted donations that went to help people in Peru get stoves in their homes.  Thanks to everyone who helped pitch in!  Below are pictures of a fundraising poster and the delicious dish itself.









        The second part of our Mardi Gras celebration is the King's Cake contest.  Students who arrive to our party wearing flamboyant masks (made at the program, or brought from home) receive a bead necklace and get a piece of King's Cake.  Hidden within the cake are two plastic babies, one for the boys and one for the girls.  When all of the cake is passed out, those who have the babies are crowned king and queen, receive special beads, get to take home and wear the capes and crowns that we made, and each get to choose an all group game that everyone must try out.  Below we have some excellent masks and our crowned royalty.









        Our other amazing party was our annual Valentine's Day dance.  As you can see we love to dance around here at Shimek.







        Besides just dancing, students had the opportunity to decorate cookies (as seen below) or make last minute Valentine's cards for someone special.  Our free dancing was interspersed with karaoke performances, the debut of our latest music video and dancing games like: freeze dance, balloon in the circle, and limbo (shown below).  It was a huge hit!







Now.... take time to dig out your long-spinning yo-yo and learn this nifty little trick.  Enjoy!