Emma A


Before I was an elementary education major, I was a vocal performance major at the University of Iowa! I still love to keep music in my life through teaching keyboard lessons and playing music with my friends. Besides playing music, I love to embroider and sew. Crafting is one of my favorite ways to pass time! At the University, I'm also involved in Dance Marathon and a pen pal program that partners college students with fourth graders at West Liberty Elementary school. I like to be busy and it's super hard for me to sit still, so I'm almost always doing one of these hobbies when I'm not working or at school!

Courses Taken That Relate Childcare

I am an elementary education major at the University of Iowa, which means that almost all of my classes relate to childcare. In previous semesters I have taken foundations of education, foundations of special education, and educational psychology. This semester I am completing my first practicum, taking multiple methods courses, and a children's literature class. Outside of school I have taken all of the courses required of BASP staff.


I would LOVE to babysit! You can call or text me at (319) 594-4077.

Childcare Experience

This is my third year working at the Shimek BASP! Besides program, I've been a summer camp counselor for the past six years, and babysit when I'm free. Last Spring I volunteered for a few months in both a fifth and sixth grade classroom, and this Spring I'm volunteering in Ms. Cordova's class here at Shimek. For my major I also spend a few hours a week as a practicum student at another local elementary school.

Oh, By The Way...

I'm an Iowa City native and have lived here all my life! I didn't go to Shimek, but I did go to another local elementary school and attended South East Junior High and City High School, where all of the Shimek Sharks will go too! I love that I've had the experience of going to school in the ICCSD and then working with kids in the same district. I love how many different experiences Iowa City offers to its residents, especially hearing all of the amazing musicians around the city (including the After School Specials!). Even though I love Iowa City so much, I've always wanted to have the experience of living in another country. I think that it would be so cool to work at an international school and learn as much as I can about other cultures.